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Chef Dave creativity is in motion with newest ideas to simply bring on the heat into foods. Often foods just needs some zip to bring some new life into their profile. Chef Dave's latest creations is Culinary Blasting Powder grinding a variety of hot and flavorful chilies into a fine powder that will truly blast heat into food and build flavors.

These Culinary Blasting Powders have no salt, preservatives or added ingredients, just powdered dry chilies. By keeping powders all natural, full of flavor with different amounts of heat levels to meet culinary needs.

Red Cap Culinary Blasting Powder is like having cayenne pepper on steroids. This will add some Kaboom to your food, with instant hit of heat, that could bring on some good old fashion sweat on forehead in matter of seconds. In moments you be uttering "YES!" Red Cap Culinary Blasting Powder is made with very special cayenne pepper called Charleston Pepper, this pepper is 5 times hotter then cayenne pepper with lots of up front heat. As they ripen they turn from green chili to yellow chili, into bright red ripe super hot cayenne variety. These chili peppers take a very long time to ripen making one of the very last chilies to harvest in 2016. Wow this is truly great cayenne pepper, tossing all my store bought cayenne powers.


Yellow Cap Culinary Blasting Powder has just as much Kaboom as Red Cap only a little slower to be felt. This has much more flavor, a little citrus and fruit flavors that comes to flavor palette, then hits with big full fledged Kaboom! This has lots of culinary possibilities, using this Yellow Cap Culinary Blasting Powder at just right amount creates a new masterpiece that be hard for someone to duplicate. So light the fuse of culinary genius try this powder.


Green Culinary Blasting Powder control your culinary taste with slight Kaboom.  This is powered green stag chili peppers that haven't developed hottest level of achievement. There full of flavor, slightly floral, mild bast of heat at the very end of culinary palette.

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Featured Spice Blend Seasonings 2016

The 2016 season is the starting point for Chef's Dave's hot and spicy pepper seasonings, they are in very limited quantities. If interested contact Chef Dave right away to check for quantities and availability.

Code Red Fire in the Hole Season Pepper was the second creative blend, making it the hottest of all the pepper seasons. It's made from my hottest varieties of chilies, freshly picked from the garden, then grinding these chilies into kosher salt and spices. Placed to dried in the dehydrator to remove excess moisture. When we say fire in the hole you better be ready for outrageous amounts of heat. On Chef Dave's crazy heat scale it's a level 6+, so grab a couple of  glasses of milk quickly after trying this seasoning by itself. This is perfect blend of super hot seasoning to give lots of heat to chicken, pork, beef and vegetables. It's the go to spice blend when making a great BBQ Sauce, or adding so extra zap to those grilled meats.  Finally an answer to making super hot chili. This add just enough heat to say "Fire in the Hole". Giving it a two thumbs up from Chef Dave and his testing friends. Be very careful this is one of my very hottest of Pepper Seasoning Blends, it just might come out both ends.

Lethal Injection Season Pepper is the first series of Chef Dave's pepper seasonings, this season pepper will totally inject lots of heat into foods, with just enough heat to live up to it's name. On Chef Dave's crazy heat taste scale level it ranks a 5 so grab a glass of milk and give it a taste. There is also have very small batch of Lethal Injection Season Pepper infused with smoke. When opening the package it gives a immediate smoky aroma, that really adds a great smoky profile. This smokey hot season blend can be used on chicken, pork, beef, even on starches or try it on some vegetables. I used both of these blends all summer long making BBQ foods. Even Cindy, Chef Dave's wife could handle the heat, but she often complains "why do you make this so hot?" I totally love the endorphin rush, it's awesome.

Citrus Blast Hot Pepper Salt is a wonderful overall seasoning that is not too hot. This seasoning has lemon and lime flavors that are infused into Lemon Drop Chilies and kosher salt. Try this seasoning blend on chicken, fish, vegetables and starches. It's so much better then the typical Lemon Pepper seasoning. This will put some good old fashion hot citrus zip to food. On Chef Dave's crazy heat scale is only a level 1 plus, so it's not too hot. It has just enough heat to warm things up a little. It might be a little too hot for wimpy food lovers, that don't like any heat at all. But you might be surprised by using just right amount of this seasoning, they might even like this Citrus Blast Hot Pepper Salt. Out goes the Lemon Pepper and in comes Citrus Blast Hot Pepper Salt.


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The Back Burner new recipes concepts

Fire In The Hole Crackers - 48 pieces

This recipe was inspired by Chef Jason Wood, totally creative chef who loves to turn up the heat. He shared the insights in making these tasty and hot crackers. They are totally endorphin additive topped with some tasty spreads or dips.


1 cup all-purpose flour
2 cup rice krispies
1 tbsp Fire in The Hole Season Pepper
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
1 cup shredded cheese, cheddar & pepper jack
1/4 cup unsalted butter
3/4 cup heavy cream, + extra to adjust consistency


1. Process the rice krispies and flour in the food processer, for about 45 seconds. Then add the remaining ingredients except the heavy cream into the processer.
2. Process this mixture until mealy consisteny.
3. Prosess all mixture while running add heavy cream in steady stream until dough comes together into working mass. Note don't add too much cream it should be like pie dough.
4. Refrigerate the dough for hour so rolls out better.
5. Roll cracker dough out into large rectangles about ⅛ inch thick. Dock dough with fork and cut into desired shapes.
6. Place cut out cracker dough onto prepared sheet pan and bake in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes or light golden brown color.
7. Cool on wire rack, then place into zip lock bag for storage. Use in next 3 days.

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Since 1993

Chef Dave's building blocks to better tasting foods.

Chef Dave Dettman's Creative foods has a wide variety of Hot Pepper Seasonings to meet your likings. They range from crazy hot, that will set your mouth totally on fire, to putting some really good zip into your food.

These spice blends are based from Chef Dave's personal garden. Producing some of the very hottest and most flavorful peppers and chilies. They are not purchased from some exotic country, but right here in the USA. Of course certain, spices do not grow in USA, but are purchased from the highest quality sources possible.

Chef Dave's Creative Food's change regularly. Each spice creation is tested by Chef's and friends to make sure it's of the upmost quality.

These spice blends are made in very small batches by hand personally by Chef Dave Dettman. Because of careful production each specially blends is very limited in production. Make your requests quickly because the availability is very limited.


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